Facts About Advice

September 8, 2015
Facts About Advices

So often the advice we give other people does entirely go unheeded. They trouble us to ask a question, give us all the facts, and then ask us what we think they should do. We tell them, and if you’re like me, often you hear them say, “That’s what someone else said”.

So they have been asking around to get different bits of advice but it keeps coming back about the same. However, a lot of times their behavior does not change. I think that often times it’s because it’s not that information is needed, but motivation is needed.

For instance, if someone is saying that they’re constantly broke, the long-term answer is to spend less and make more. This is not rocket science or new information. However, it is often viewed as unsympathetic and the same thing that everyone else told them.

Or if someone suggests that you should write a will, which is information that you know, but you don’t want to think about those things because it sounds too depressing. Almost like if you write a will you might suddenly die. If it were true the obituaries would just have that as part of their normal typeface. “Jimmy drafted a will, of course as we all know he died within a week.”

Or if someone’s trying to lose weight, it’s pretty simple you eat less and move more. But again, it’s not the information that is lacking it’s the motivation that’s lacking.

Therefore denial is more of a common problem than the lack of information. We all know that driving is dangerous and that there are a lot of uninsured motorists out in our area. That being so, people don’t take that information and act on it by insuring with good uninsured motorists coverage. Instead, they simply asked for the cheapest thing they can get by with. And money is always tight, but if you can’t afford the loss you can’t afford to risk the loss.

Ultimately our children probably don’t need more information from us though. They know what is right and wrong and what we expect of them. We so often tell them in different ways but they already know. What they’re probably waiting to see is if you actually listen to them and hear what they’re saying.

In any matter, we need both motivation and information. We have to be motivated to hear the other person and we have to get the information of what is going on with the person. Philippians 2 tells us that it’s important to look out for the interests of others.

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