Don’t Hire A Lawyer

July 28, 2015
Don't Hire A Lawyer

Has an insurance company ever told you, “Don’t hire a lawyer, we will never pay you more?”

Some of my clients have heard that before. Fortunately for them, they did not listen.

Here are some cases where offers were made before I was hired, and what we eventually received:

1. In a case involving a young lady in a car accident, the at-fault insurance company offered her about $8,700.00, of which about half would have been required to pay her outstanding medical bills. She would have been left with about $4,700.00, but had no attorney’s fees. This case settled for $42,000.00, which (even after attorney’s fees and medicals) should net her close to $25,000.00.

2. In another matter, a motorcyclist who was not at fault was blamed for the accident. He had about $19,000.00 in bills. He was offered nothing, and had to pay a lot of co pays out of pocket, plus lost wages. A few weeks later, I was able to get the full policy limits of $25,000.00, and reduce the medical bill reimbursement his health insurance so much that, even after my attorney’s fees, he pocketed over $16,000.00.

3. In a workers’ compensation matter, an injured client was offered $5,000.00 before he hired me. Three weeks later, the case settled for almost $30,000.00. He netted out over $20,000.00.

4. In yet another matter, my client received the ticket, and so was blamed for the accident. The insurance company would not offer one cent as settlement. A trial was held, and we were blessed with a six-figure verdict.

While every case is individual and unique, in most cases a good lawyer can add value to a claim.

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