Don’t Dodge Deer

November 20, 2019
Don't Dodge Deer Peel Law Firm

This is the time of year I remind you and yours to watch out for deer during their mating season, known as the “rut.” Deer become single-minded during their romantic season, and are unlikely to notice your car. 

The same deer who used to feed blithely by the side of the road for hours now dart and dodge like they are on Red Bull. Does are being hounded and bucks are giving chase. 

Tips to help you, and those you are care about, not become a statistic include:

  • Fall mating season movement is highest at dawn and dusk, so scan the roadsides and use your high beams whenever you can.
  • If you do spot deer, slow down immediately, and expect more to follow behind the ones you see.
  • Do not swerve! This is likely to put you off the road, flipped over, or into oncoming traffic. All of those can be more far more severe than the average deer strike. No doubt many one car crashes into trees and ditches were simply someone who dodged a deer. Hold straight and brake. 
  • If you hit a deer, dog or other animal, the injured animal is very dangerous. Hurt and confused, a deer can disembowel you with his hooves. So never approach the animal. If you can, move the vehicle as far off the road as possible, and dial *THP (*847) or 911 if you need help.
  • Yes, you can eat the deer. Just contact a TWRA regional office and report the accident within 48 hours through

In Tennessee, deer-related crashes are still rising. Over 7,000 crashes a year show the enormity of this epidemic. 

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