Craziest Will Provisions

June 19, 2018

What’s In Your Will?

Most peoples’ Last Will and Testaments simply indicate that whatever they own is to be passed on to their family members. Occasionally, problematic people may be disinherited. Or, sometimes conditions are set up on recovering money, such as graduating college.

But these Wills have become rather famous for having a little bit more drama within them:

  1. A Canadian lawyer, Charles Vance Millar, had no family but decided to help a deserving one. Much of his money was to be kept in a trust for ten years, then the amount would go to the Toronto woman who had given birth to the most children during that decade. This set off a “Stork Derby” And resulted in four who had nine babies splitting it getting $142,500 each in 1936 dollars.
  2. Sandra West, was apparently crazy about her powder blue 1964 Ferrari 250GT. She died in 1977, with millions going to a relative if he did one thing: buried her driving her Ferrari. It’s still there, under tons of concrete.
  3. John Porter Bowman was wealthy but lost his wife and daughters early in life. He built an elaborate mausoleum to honor them. It was crafted with expensive materials, with likenesses of his late family. His own ornate mansion overlooked the cemetery and mausoleum. $50,000.00 was left in trust to keep the mansion perfect every day in case they ever returned from the dead. Hot dinners were put out each evening from 1891 till the 1950s, when the cash was finally gone.

If you do not have a will, it is NOT true that everything goes directly to the state. That is a myth. Things only go to the state of Tennessee in the event of no heirs being found at all. However, most people have wishes that they would like carried out or have family members that they want to see benefit from their death. A will can make that happen.

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