Claims Against Drunk Drivers

Need to sue a drunk drive in the Memphis area?

The Peel Law Firm has been guiding the injured in Millington and the surrounding area to better results since 1991.

Suing Drunk Drivers in Millington

Entire families can be affected when an innocent person is seriously injured or killed by a drunk driver. If you are a DUI victim, or if your loved one died in a drunk driving accident, the Peel Law Firm can provide the compassionate and effective legal help you need at this time.

Located in Millington, Tennessee, our law firm represents DUI victims and surviving family members. We understand that you may experience anger and grief in the aftermath of such an accident. We take great care when handling these claims and strive to provide you with the support you need. Talk to our Millington drunk driving accident lawyer today.

What if the Person Who Hit Me Does Not Have Insurance?

Drunk driving accidents are often caused by drivers who do not carry motor vehicle insurance. Or, if they do have insurance, it is the lowest possible insurance required by law in Tennessee. This means if you are seriously injured, there will be a large gap in the amount of money their policy covers and the actual compensation you require.

As a skilled attorney who sues drunk drivers in Millington, David Peel can thoroughly and effectively identify all possible avenues of recovery on your behalf. He can look at your insurance policy and determine if you are covered by your own insurance under underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. By law, your own insurance company must pay compensation if you were injured by an underinsured or uninsured motorist.

When you work with the Peel Law Firm, you are choosing to be represented by a skilled and caring attorney who puts you first. David Peel will be available and return phone calls promptly. He will also make sure you are updated on your case and understand your options at every stage of the process.

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If you were injured by a drunk driver and need help from an attorney with experience suing drunk drivers, please call the Peel Law Firm to discuss the matter. You pay no attorney's fees unless we win on your behalf. Contact our office to arrange a consultation.