Claim On My Own Insurance?

January 30, 2018

A Common Insurance Question

Would your auto insurance be involved when an accident is not your fault?

This question is a very good one. The simple answer is that your auto insurance often has coverages that can help even when someone else causes an accident:

Medical payments coverage may be used and often is between $1,000.00 and $5,000.00.  Sometimes that has to be paid back at the final settlement, but it can be very handy if it’s needed.

Underinsured or UIM coverage can be very helpful in the event that damages turn out to be above the amount that the liability insurance has.

It’s important to remember that your auto insurance does not count a not at fault accident like this against you in any way. There are rumors that they do, but I assure you that is State law that they do not, and cannot.  It does not raise your rates or cause cancellation.  (Although I’d be fine to change policies for 25,000.00 tax free dollars.

In fact, it is actually required that they be properly notified of any accident even if it is not your fault.  This means more than just telling the agent. They’ll assign a claim number to it in the event that they have any policy provisions that are helpful to you.

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