A City Without Street Signs?

February 26, 2019
street signs

Can You Imagine Life Without Street Signs?

The coming wave of autonomous cars, if things go as predicted, will make many drastic changes:

  • Jobs for drivers of Taxis, Ubers and truck drivers will become rarer.
  • Less accidents will mean fewer tow trucks and body shops.
  • Fewer collisions will result in lessened need for EMS, police, fire fighters and Emergency rooms.
  • A drop in high speed collisions will reduce traumatic surgeons, injury lawyers and reduce the supply of organ donations.

But a change that follows this revolution may not come immediately to mind: the extinction of the street sign. Autonomous vehicles have no need to read signs, as the location of each square inch of road is available in their computer brains.

Actually, full automation would not just kill the stop sign and green light, it would do away with customary intersections altogether. “intersection management” would be handled through device interaction between the vehicles. So as your car approached, it would know and compute what each other car is going to do at the upcoming intersection. It would only be necessary that they miss one another by inches.   It would be no longer necessary that they sit and idle for 27 seconds waiting on the red light to change.

We are still years away from this reality. In all likelihood, commutes will be faster, even without speeding. Almost no stopping and the certainty of even dangerous left hand turns being executed with ease would change our commute in ways we are still trying to imagine.

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