Check That Policy!

December 10, 2005
Check That Policy!

Do not wait until you have a claim to review your coverage, especially on your home. Here are some reasons you may want to check your coverage:


Can you raise your deductible and save money? With few exceptions, a $250.00 deductible costs you more every year than you may save in a claim. Talk to your agent about it.


Do you have coverage for this? I am told that we are overdue in our area for a big one. I know have felt two (2) small ones in the last decade.

Are you near a flood zone?

Flood insurance is cheap, and flood losses are NOT covered under homeowners insurance.

Loss of use coverage is handy while you are out of your home. Some from New Orleans and the coast may be in hotels or apartments for a year or more.


If your home has been appreciating (going up in value) make sure your policy has kept pace. Many policies now allow for automatic adjustments.


Be sure you and your agent speak about insuring your ATV for losses that may occur on it. Many companies have special rules that only pertain to off road vehicles.


Your dog can cause injuries to others. Be sure you understand your responsibilities and coverage if a child is tragically injured.

Pools and trampolines?

Check that these are covered and property reported so you have good coverage. Most pools now must be fenced. Some companies will not allow diving boards. Make sure you know now.

Be pro active in this, so if something tragic happens you will really be treated “like a good neighbor,” and be “in the good hands” of a company that is “on your side.”

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