Changing Your Name

June 4, 2018

Steps to Change Name in TN

Tennessee is one of the easiest states to change your name.

You do not have to return to your place of birth in order to do so. You merely must be a resident in the county in which you file for your name change.

For a legal adult, 18 or over, who wishes to change their name, the process simply involves:

Presenting a birth certificate and proof of identity along with proof residency.

Examples of ID/residency:

  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License
  • State, School or Work ID
  • Check stub
  • W-2 form
  • Utility bill

For a minor (under 18), if both parents are listed on the birth certificate they both must be present with proper identification. 

A notarized affidavit from the absent parent will be accepted and that form is available in the probate office.

Court costs:

$153.50 cash or credit card

Court hours:

Wednesday 1:00-2:00pm (subject to change without notice, call office for current docket). Location is 140 Adams Ave, Room 124, but get there at least 30 minutes early to complete paperwork.

Dress codes are still enforced in court.  People need to dress to appear before a judge. No tank tops or shorts. Please dress professionally. Just dress like you’re going to go to church.

An interesting name trend right now at our first names that used to be last names. For instance, Mason, Taylor, Hunter, or Madison.

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