Car Seat Safety

July 12, 2016
Car seat safety

Do you have your children buckled in safely?

Some of my friends in law enforcement surprise parents when they check the car seats at free inspection stations and find that the seats are not well installed.

Sometimes the rules and recommendations all seem to run together. I hope that this may be helpful to you when transporting your kids or grandkids.

As I understand it currently, Tennessee law requires the following:

  • Under 1 year 20 lbs or less — Rear Facing
    (in back seat if available)
  • 1 – 3 year more than 20 lbs. — Front Facing
    (in back seat if available)
  • 4 – 8 year — up to 4’8″ Booster w/ Belt Positioning
    (in back seat if available)

Most police and fire fighters will help you make sure you understand how to have your little ones snugly buckled in their car seats. Do avoid used car seats, as they may have been recalled or damaged.

Be sure to avoid the front seat for children if the air bag cannot be turned off, or does not automatically disengage based on weight. The air bag can turn a minimal impact into to fatal accident for a child.

Let’s make sure Mom and Dad are buckled in, also! When you see the results of accidents that I investigate every week, it makes you more careful.

Drive Safely.

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