Calls After Your Crash

November 28, 2017

Who Calls You After An Auto Accident?

If you have been the victim of a car accident in our area, it is almost certain that you received phone calls about it. 

Many times, calls have happened within 24 hours. These folks have been getting information from the accident reports before they are even completed.

Some will call offering free or reduced cost medical care. Some will call claiming to be with the state or some other official agency. This is particularly confusing for the recently injured person, because it is possible that the investigating officer may be calling, as well as both insurance companies involved (both yours and theirs). But generally, the insurance companies don’t have the information until a little bit later. 

The folks who call accident victims and try to solicit them to a particular medical facility are truly ambulance chasers. What’s worse, is that they then refer cases to lawyers who must be aware of this unethical behavior. It would be illegal for the lawyer to call and solicit the case without knowing the person previously, and if they can’t do it, then they cannot have someone else do it instead.

Recently there’s been a crackdown on some of this. Authorities are finally trying to make it more difficult for accident information to be released without specific information being known beforehand. We are all hopeful that the phone calls will dissipate.

But you can know immediately whether or not calls are legitimate or not. Here is a test.  Simply tell them that you already have an attorney. If they hang up, they were never legitimate. 

If they ask your attorney’s name and number so they can reach your attorney, then they are probably on the up and up.

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