Arbitration Clauses

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What is arbitration? It is now common for most consumer businesses to put standard arbitration clauses in their contracts. Arbitration is a private type alternative dispute resolution (ADR) where one Arbitrator, often a retired judge, will decide the matter.  There …


Things To Leave Your Executor

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What Should You Leave The Executor Of Your Estate? ACCESS TO THE ORIGINAL WILL. Is it in a drawer? A Shoebox? At the bank? Remember, a safe deposit box is often locked down at the death of the owner. Others …

The next generation Peel Law Firm Millington

The Next Generation

David Peel Keeping Your Family Safe

I noticed a sign in a gas station indicating that only those “born after this date in the year 2000 can buy alcohol legally.” I think it gave me whiplash. While I’m capable of doing the math, (and even have …

Just A Minute Peel Law Firm

Just A Minute

David Peel Auto Accidents

As an injury attorney, we conduct depositions regularly. In a deposition, the deponent is sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Each word, including every question and every answer, is taken down by a …

Tinnitus and Suicide Peel Law Firm Memphis

Tinnitus And Suicide

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You may have heard that Kent Taylor, founder and CEO of the Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain, has taken his own life at age 65 after suffering from severe tinnitus. Tinnitus, a ringing, whooshing or buzzing in the ears, is seen …

Chick-fil-A My Pleasure Peel Law Firm

Customer Service Chick-fil-A Style

David Peel Faith

Chick-fil-A employees say “My Pleasure” instead of “You’re Welcome” because years ago Founder Truett Cathy heard that while at the upscale Ritz-Carlton. His maxim, “We’re not just in the chicken business, we’re in the people business,” continues to shine through …



David Peel Keeping Your Family Safe

Open the windows! The power windows should still work initially in the water. If not, use a pocketknife, screwdriver, or escape tool to break the window. Wearing your seat belt is imperative as you first have to survive the impact …

I-40 in Memphis Peel Law Firm Memphis

I-40 In Memphis

David Peel Community

Way back in 1955, the city’s 342-acre Overton Park, stood in the way of Interstate 40 in Memphis, and it went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Overton Park contained a mature forest, the Memphis Zoo, the Memphis …

Gambling On Death Peel Law Firm Memphis

Gambling On Death

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“Would your wife like $100,000, or just a tuna casserole?” – Sign seen in a life insurance office. Life insurance in a very real sense is you betting you will die early, and the company betting you will live. How …