Blanket Of Security

October 20, 2015
Blanket Of Security

One Man’s Thoughts on 9/11, War & Veterans

I stood crying, seeing the smoke fill up the blue New York sky twelve years ago, and I wept for the world that my children would grow up in.

I saw heroic role models, like firefighters, police, port authority officers and EMS running up when all others were running out. We watched our neighbors plunge 80 stories to their death rather than be burned alive.

America now stands as the only remaining Super Power in the world, but we are now standing more and more alone. This makes our brave men and women out there our last line of defense for those who wish to do us harm.

I have lived all my life under a “Blanket of Security” that I have not earned or really sacrificed for.

This “Blanket of Security” is sewn with the bloody patches of innumerable soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, emergency workers, police and firefighters.

Many did not return to their families expectantly waiting back home.

This Blanket of Security is stitched with the stained gauze covering the unknowable number of bloody wounds suffered. But many have come back with invisible wounds-like PTSD or without the ability to walk, or talk, or even think clearly. The ghosts of battle still haunt the nightmares of some of our finest. Too often, a soldier’s very youth itself lies dead on the battlefield as the same, but now much older-than-his-age soldier, limps home.

And on the home front, how many children prayed every night for God to keep their Daddies and Mommies safe from the wars. Those prayers were often answered in the negative.

This Blanket of Security is currently all that separates us from Iran, who told the world to imagine itself without the United States, and wishes to wipe Israel from the map. It is the strong shield that protects us from Islamic cowards who killed unarmed pilots, and flew our own planes filled with innocent civilians into buildings on 9/11.

This Blanket of Security is the only moat around the castle of our country that protects us from the likes of a North Korean dictator who keeps their people locked in an atheistic, intellectual closet, controls nuclear bombs and a million-man army. His people are starving and doing without, so he can try and command world respect from a world his people will never know anything of.

I have never contributed a patch to this blanket personally. I have never supplied a stitch to hold it together. I am therefore, most indebted to those that have.

We, as Americans, should never leave any doubt where we stand in support of our troops. Where they are, so should be our prayers, our support, our blessings and our pride. This is especially true as we have been recalling 9/11.

Thank you Veterans, First Responders and your families who make up our “Blanket,” from families and staff of Peel Law Firm.

May God Bless America, and May America again Bless God.

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