Beware Of Checks In The Mail

July 2, 2018
beware of checks in the mail

Think Twice About Checks In The Mail

A lawyer was sharing about a man who was in an accident where he was injured. Just Nine (9) days following the impact, an insurance company sent him a check for $1,000.

Out of work, he could use the money. And they certainly owed him. And his bills kept coming. He looked at the check. The check indicates “Payment Type: LOSS,” and “In Payment Of: Bodily Injury Coverage.”

There was no other release or explanation. He deposited the check.

Three months later he was told he would need to undergo extensive surgery for injuries from the crash.

He now owes all the $1,000 back to his health insurance under subrogation. If he doesn’t pay, they won’t pay for the surgery. Oh, and he also has a $5,000 deductible.

The insurance company had to have at least $25,000 coverage. He had his own Underinsured motorists ($100,000) but they won’t pay until he took all the limits of $25,000 from the liability coverage. He did not.

The insurance company claims it was “settled”.

Don’t be this man.  Contact the Peel Law Firm instead.

About the Peel Law Firm:

Mr. David Peel seeks justice for those injured in tractor trailer and car accidents, medical malpractice, and disability. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Mr. Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.


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