Meet David Peel

David Peel is a local injury lawyer, who limits his law practice to being a small, personal firm, focusing on serious injury, death and disability cases and will packages. Peel Law Firm is on Highway 51 in Millington, Tennessee. He has been a lawyer for over 20 years.

Originally he entered law practice in 1996 with Wilson Wages, then, in 2000, Mr. Peel founded the Peel Law Firm in Millington, when he shared space with Attorney Bill Cole, who is now a local Chancery Judge.

He enjoys a reputation as a successful, caring, Christian lawyer in the area of personal injury law. Mr. Peel values faith and family above all else. He is passionate about helping his clients through difficult times. He also writes weekly columns in local papers.

david peel
david peel

The Family Man

His Dad’s family are the Peels from Arlington and his Mom’s family are the Griffins from Rosemark. He was born here, raised in Arkansas and has lived in Munford and Arlington over the last 25 years.

He is a home schooling Dad with three teens, 14, 15, 16 and has been married to his bride Trish for 22 years.

He is a fisherman, author, artist, photographer, Bible teacher, missionary, woodworker, and a family man who loves to travel. As a matter of fact he has led his family to every inhabited continent.

He has stated that he believes he was called into the law to help people through the hardest challenges of their lives. Serious injury or death of a loved one is something none of us can prepare for. In his practice, he carries the burden of the financial aspects of catastrophic cases so his clients can focus on healing.

David Peel has always been a leader, and excelled in his various endeavors. He worked his way through all his schooling, but still served notably.

More About David’s Credentials

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