After Accident Calls

July 6, 2017

Post Accident Scams

No one legitimately calls you to offer you free medical treatment after an accident. Sometimes after an accident you will get phone calls saying that they are with the insurance company and they want you to go to a certain accident clinic or chiropractor.

This is a solicitation clear and simple. The chiropractic board has taken a stand against such practices, as I understand it. Certainly reputable lawyers do not participate in such affairs and are ethically precluded from doing so.

Recently someone indicated that they had an accident on a Wednesday and by Friday morning they were getting calls saying that medical care is going to be provided as part of some program.

Realize what this really is. It is simply a scam.

And for the record, the insurance companies that I deal with know who the reputable practitioners are and only agree to pay reasonable medical costs from such providers.

So what if you have been contacted by these people. Well, you can turn them in to both the chiropractic board and the medical board depending on their licensure. If an attorney contacts you unsolicited within 30 days after an accident who you don’t have a past relationship with, you can report them to the Board of Professional Responsibility.

Warn others who’ve had accidents to be very careful to whom they speak to on the phone. If these folks are not going to follow the rules, it also means they’re not going to tell you the truth.

All those calls end briskly when you say, “please speak to my attorney.”

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