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You’ve heard the saying: accidents happen. And when it comes to motor vehicle accidents, the old saying certainly rings true. There are over 5 million car accidents each year in the United States alone. Of course, the worst aspects of a car accident typically lie in aftermath including everything from totaled cars to fatalities.

However, as true as the old saying may be, it doesn’t mean you have to accept the effects of a car accident without seeking the compensation you’re owed with an accident attorney near me. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on the insurance company to offer you a fair settlement. There are several possible sources of compensation, and each of them should be reviewed carefully by an experienced personal injury attorney:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical bills
  • Future lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Wrongful death

It is also important to look at at the four kinds of fault that may be present during a motor vehicle accident. These are:

  1. Negligence: Failure to operate motor vehicle properly, which leads to loss, damage, or injury
  2. Recklessness: Knowingly failing to ignore potential to cause an accident
  3. Intentional misconduct: Knowingly engaging in an activity or action that could lead to loss, damage, or injury (such as speeding or driving under the influence)
  4. Strict liability: Auto defects or design flaws

At Peel Law Firm, we understand how tiring and stressful life post-accident can be. We believe it is your job to focus on recovering while we focus on providing you with the most effective legal representation to reach a favorable outcome. As the accident attorney near me, we will work with you to understand the cause of your accident and its effect on your life in great detail. Part of working together includes keeping you up-to-date on the actions we are taking, involving you in decision making, and explaining the process to you.

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