A New Football League?

January 2, 2018

Are You Ready For More Football?

The NFL had a pretty rough 2017.

Between anthem protests by players kneeling, terrible calls, and bad matchups, Roger Goodell’s league has seen plunging attendance.

Could the rival XFL make a comeback? It just might, and Memphis might get a team. If there is a new league, here are some of the new rules I would like to have considered:

  • Referees must attend press conferences following games to defend their calls and challenges.
  • Viewers can tweet a challenge to bad calls as well, with a remote black flag that drops if enough trends, and coaches can challenge any call on an unlimited basis.
  • The ball and first down markers will all have GPS so spotting and forward progress is precise. The “chain gang” gets fired.
  • If it looks like a catch, it is a catch. No more 20 minute explanations. The tie goes to the runner like in baseball, and in my world, a close call in football should go to the receiver. And, like college, one foot in is a catch.
  • A jump ball rather than a coin toss, starts the game.
  • On kickoffs, no more fair catches. And Kickoff from the 15-yard line.
  • No more field goals. Go for 2 every dang time. And, if you want to go for 4, try from the 40.
  • No punting if you are past mid field. Pinning teams back at the 1 yard line is boring and leads to boring plays.
  • Offensive motions, pre snap movements and eligible receivers should be much less restrictive.
  • Viewers can pick from many local broadcasters to call the game, or none at all, just like live.
  • Viewers can choose camera angles and which players to follow on camera.
  • Halftime shows are mostly shown. Not four ex-athletes talking for a half hour. Split screens where needed.
  • Overtime is more like college, each get possessions until one is not matched.
  • No fines for celebrations, but still no taunting. Heck, how about prizes for the best ones?

What do you want in a new league?

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