A Lawyer Looks at Socialism 

March 18, 2020
A Lawyer Looks at Socialism

Capitalism Leads To Charitable Giving

The reason people are coming across our southern border in droves whenever they can is to get to our land of opportunity. Capitalism, not socialism, has built this country to be the unmatched super power both economically and militarily. And it’s not discussed much but we’re also unmatched in our charitable giving both here and much around the world.

Given the startling success of capitalism, it is strange to old folks such as me, when people are voting for socialism. This is not merely politics this is economics. The psychology of people and incentive-based efforts is not merely a moral or political leaning. It’s a science.

What If Socialism?

If you were told that half your earnings next month will be taken by force and given to someone else, will you work harder or will you slack off?

How many late nights in the garage do Microsoft founders or other innovators spend if they cannot profit from their own innovations?

I believe the problem comes from the belief that “income inequality” is somehow immoral. However, income inequality is nothing but a philosophy of envy. Envy is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason. As a practical matter, it makes no difference whatsoever to a poor person if some billionaire somewhere ceases to exist or all his money was taken away. It does him no good and if anything, the effects could be negative since billionaires employ numbers of people and buy things like yachts and planes that are built by regular working people.

No good would come from nationalizing Amazon or Walmart. But a lot of harm can come from it. And a few at the very top would still be rich.

Is Income Inequality Immoral?

You see people like me who have done mission work in the former eastern Europe Soviet blocked countries and have seen the ravages of socialism, will never accept the idea that the free market is not the best system ever devised. It also leads to the largest charitable giving. Take Bill Gates, who I don’t agree with a lot of things, but he’s given away half his billions to causes around the world.

You see in freedom comes options. We are a land of freedom and opportunity. We cannot risk changing what got us here.

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