23 Things To Do During Quarantine

April 17, 2020
21 Tips For Quarantine Peel Law Firm
Tips from your favorite lawyer to actually better your life during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are still working hard, as what we do for you is essential, these 23 tips will hopefully help out those at home:


  1. Verify you have as much Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists (UM) coverage on your auto policy as you can possibly afford (at least $100,000 per person). Lots of uninsured drivers will be out and about soon. You need to insure them through your policy to protect your family—and not all agents understand this.
  2. Video your possessions and save it to the cloud. That way if your house burns, you can fill out your claim forms in a hotel room by watching the video.
  3. Check your house for hazards- loose handrails, uneven steps, outdoor lights, and make your address obvious for first responders.
  4. Check your home-owners policy: do you have special coverage for guns, antiques, collections, cash and/or jewelry? If not, you’ll be disappointed if you have a loss.
  5. Consider an umbrella insurance policy for major losses. It’s cheaper than you would think.


  1. Declutter: Start with one project per day. A great 30 day plan is found at http://www.oprah.com/home/the-30-day-home-decluttering-detox-plan_1#ixzz6JQG2M2dh
  2. Redo your spice rack or cabinet.
  3. Get lids and storage containers together and chunk any outliers.
  4. Clean out your email; unsubscribe from junk emails, texts, update contacts and update all your software and programs.
  5. Shine shoes and treat any leather that needs it anywhere.
  6. Clean all your guns and organize your ammunition.
  7. Floor your attic space and/or build shelves in the garage or workroom.
  8. Organize and label old photos (after you, will they even be identifiable?)
  9. Work on your dreaded taxes.
  10. Write cards or emails to people that you appreciate (even if they aren’t your lawyer).


  • Bake something wonderful and/or try a new recipe for dinner.
  • Try to pick up a bit of another language or brush up on one.
  • Try your hand at calligraphy, painting, drawing, poetry, an adult coloring book, or photography.
  • Try a craft with your family and build a big puzzle.
  • Update your resume or professional portfolio.
  • Try to do a new physical skill (dance, 10 push-ups, 5 pull ups, plank).
  • Learn to sew masks, buttons, or knit or crochet.
  • If you have a pet, teach them some new tricks.

Mr. Peel seeks justice for those injured in truck, motorcycle, and car crashes. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Mr. Peel may be reached through PeelLawFirm.com wherein other articles may be accessed.

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Rachel M.
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