11 Things the Coronavirus is Teaching Us

April 5, 2020
11 Things the Coronavirus is Teaching Us

Coronavirus Lessons During Quarantine

  1. We are all connected. We are neurologically hard wired by the Creator to be in community. It’s loss is palpable.
  2. People come together in a crisis. From the making of homemade masks, to giving blood, delivering meals to medical staff, to giving large rounds of applause for hospital staff, humans can be amazing.
  3. None of us wants to die alone. One of the saddest facts about this virus is that people cannot be gathered around your bedside when you pass away.
  4. This is a “medical Normandy invasion.” Our heroes on the front lines from triage, nursing, EMS, doctors, to support staff are going into a hot zone every day knowing they will be encountering Coronavirus whose sole job is to kill them in a particularly painful way.
  5. Many jobs can be done from home during the Coronavirus quarantine (and probably after).
  6. It’s hard to know who to trust. When the surgeon general of the United States and the CDC come out and say that masks will not help, anyone with common sense knows that’s not true. Obviously, the masks were in a shortage and they could not sustain a run on them. But studies show any filtering masks help.
  7. Lack of time wasn’t it. Many times, we tell ourselves that we will do something if we just have extra time: Clean out the attic, exercise more, learn to cook better, learn a second language, repair of the broken fence. While some of that may have happened, it feels like most of America just binge watched Netflix, and ate too much.
  8. Most meetings could’ve been an email.
  9. People will not read studies. Scientific studies are done very specifically. Regarding masks, for instance, people were posting a study saying homemade masks didn’t help. However, the study was of a two ply woven cotton and had no filtering material. So, they’re saying filtering masks don’t help using a study of masks not including a filter. I do not know how to help those unwilling to learn.
  10. Everyone appreciates homeschoolers more.
  11. God is still on His Throne.

We will get through Coronavirus.


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